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The Global Logistics Cluster Support Team (GLCST) collects information about transport capacities that are available to humanitarian organisations to promote and support inter-agency cargo consolidation; such capacity may be available from donor governments, private foundations, or other humanitarian organisations that have space available as part of a commercial service they have contracted to meet their own needs. In addition, through the network of Global Logistics Cluster stakeholders, the GLCST may also be made aware of shipping needs of humanitarian organisations. The GLCST uses this information, voluntarily shared by UN Agencies, NGOs, governments, foundations and others to make connections between organisations and promote the consolidation of relief material shipments across the humanitarian sector.

The collection of this information by the GLCST is undertaken solely to promote coordination between organisations and to support the analysis of overall humanitarian shipping needs; all efforts of the GLCST to promote the consolidation of relief material shipments, where possible and beneficial to the parties involved, are independent of all logistics services.

If you would like to share information on your cargo transport capacity with the GLCST, please complete the form below; your capacity will be considered together with information from other organisations, and you will be contacted by the GLCST if any if any opportunity to match your transport capacities with transport needs is identified’

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